Monday, November 10, 2008

Film Spring 2008 has now come to an end

Film Spring 2008
Film Spring 2008 has now come to an end. During three sunny weeks spent by the Polish seaside a group of 22 filmmakers from Germany, Finland, France, Poland and Switzerland made a feature drama under the artistic supervision of Slawomir Idziak. The first week was spent on scriptwriting, dramaturgy workshops as well as location scouting and preparations for the shoot. The film was then shot over a period of two weeks and was edited parallel to the shooting so that new complete scenes were watched each night. Filmmakers changed roles for each scene so that the director of one scene was the 1st AD on the next scene and looked after props for the other scene. Similarly the cinematographers swapped roles for each scene and worked together to make a visually compelling film.
Parallel to the Film Spring workshop filmmakers, students and enthusiasts from Poland as well as other European countries such as Germany or Sweden came to Jurata for a few weeks, a few days or ever a few hours to be a part of the Film Spring Open group. Even though people kept coming and going, the filmmakers managed to make a few short and funny films, which will be available to watch on this website as soon as the final cut is ready.
Thank you to all filmmakers who attended the workshop and to all the creative, talented and amazing people who joined the Film Spring Open group to make short, independent films. You made this year a success!
To see pictures, comments, reflections and feedback of people who visited, please go to Ideas Forum – Film Spring 2008.

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