Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Second edition of Film Spring Open – FilmMaking Festival 5-25.10.2009 will take place in Hel Penisula, Poland

It’s a festival where participants MAKE films and watch and discussed what they produce. Painters have their “plein airs” at which they get together to paint their pictures and then spend evenings admitting and discussing each other’s work. With all the modern tools already available, filmmakers can now try and do the same. Everyone can come – producers, directors, scriptwriters, actors, cinematographers, composers, sound artists, production designers, editors, visual effects artists and anyone with an interest in film. Bring your cameras, your laptops with video edit software, your ideas for the movies you would like to make — and persuade friends who can be of any help to come along with you. If you are interested register here: http://www.filmspringopen.eu/texts-news.html

Our base:

WZW "Jantar"

ul. Wojska Polskiego
84-141 Jurata
Hotel tel.: +48 (58) 675 42 85

Room Prices for Film Spring Open at WZW Jantar

  • Single Room + Bathroom + 3 meals = 77 PLN (about 19 Euro, depending on actual exchange rate)
  • Double Room + Bathroom + 3 meals = 67 PLN per person (about 17 Euro, depending on actual exchange rate 1E=4.1PLN)
  • Meals only x 3 = 40 PLN

How to find us:

Jurata is located on the Hel peninsula by the beautiful Polish seaside. The easiest way to get there is to fly to Gdansk with one of the cheap airlines and then either take a train to Jurata (about 3 €– www.pkp.pl) or a taxi (60 € – Piotr Taxi: 0048 602 71 72 66). Four people can share the Taxi and its price. If you can coordinate more people you can take a minibus (8 – 9 people) for 80 €.

Airlines flying to Gdansk: