Monday, June 29, 2009

Film Spring Open Festival - We don’t show films, we MAKE films

Painters have “plein air holidays” to paint and network. Why shouldn’t we? Film Spring Open is a plein air for filmmakers created to give you the opportunity to network, socialize, relax, get inspired and make a film at the same time.
Film Spring Open Festival took place first time last year. It turned out to be amazing. Around thirty filmmakers came to Jurata and spontaneously made films; they participated in the seminars and took part in the discussions. But for most of them it was great fun and an opportunity to learn about filmmaking and opportunity to meet interesting people. We want to continue with Film Spring Open this year and again we invite everyone to Jurata, Hel Peninsula, Poland between the 5th and the 25th of October 2009. We invite all filmmakers for Film Spring Open, Festival of Filmmaking. There are hundreds of festivals where films are being watched but during Film Spring Open we want to make films together.
“Filmspringers in Love”
is the motto that we propose as a subject of our films that you will shoot during Film Spring Open 2009. That means that those films will be love stories (fictional of course;-) told by the cameras.

I imagine that this could be a joint fun of filmmaking. A pair of filmmakers observes each other and dialogs in front of the cameras. They can improvise. They can also carry out a previously written script. You can engage actors, but also you can play in your films, talking and walking with the chosen film partner, filming and holding a camera in your hands.
Chosen love threads we will edited during our workshops into one film, so we can send it to film festivals. We also take into account that we can continue this “Fun” and shoot follow up episodes that we will upload in the internet and we can try and present them to some TV channels. Maybe a new show format will come out of all this, which will be editing together from your individual love stories.

Not everyone will be able to come and be at Film Spring Open Festival but you can make this film in your home. Very soon on our online service will put a section titled “FilmSpringers in Love 2009” and there you will be able to upload your movies. We will edit them with all the other films and also all of you will have a chance to edit your own version.
Remember the subject is only a suggestion because during FSO everyone makes whatever they feel like. Bring your own cameras, laptops, bring your friends and just come to Jurata. There you will meet filmmakers just like you.

Sławomir Idziak Social Networking for Filmmakers